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Custodians of high-quality artwork, be they private collectors or state museums, share the common interest in conserving the value of the pieces
and the desire to exhibit them. ARTGUARDIAN meets those contradictory demands.

Conserving, loaning and exhibiting a piece of art pose a huge challenge:

  • Conserving an artwork requires precise understanding of the optimal microclimatic conditions to which it is exposed to. These conditions depend on a variety of factors, not least of the history and age of the artwork along with the materials used to create it.

  • As loaning an artwork for an exhibition or selling it are complex, impenetrable logistic processes, the individual is forced to rely on third parties. The microclimatic conditions and their stability at the individual exhibition site of the artwork are mostly a matter of trust and not guaranteed.

  • Although institutional owners such as museums have conservation expertise and experience in organizing international exhibitions, much room for improvement remains. The processes employed to date are extremely laborintensive, precluding the loaning of several artworks
    at once.

By combining cutting-edge technologies in microelectronics, building physics and information technology, several Fraunhofer institutes are developing together a solution that meets the challenges of all three areas: